These Are the Heroes with the Passion to Transform Their Communities

Our Partners

WeCloud South Africa

— High Performance Cloud Computing

Business.Anywhere.Anytime. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll be able to access your cloud and all the files and software that is stored on it. All you need is a standard internet connection. Your cloud is accessible from any device- even a cell phone! This gives your employees the opportunity to work remotely if necessary, or even on their daily commute. A study showed that 42% of employees would readily agree to a decrease as much as 6% in their salary for the ability to telecommute instead of coming into the office.

Play your Part

— The campaign is driven by the Brand South Africa.

Play Your Part is a nationwide movement created to inspire, empower and celebrate active citizenship in South Africa. Its objective is to lift the spirit of our nation by inspiring all South Africans to contribute to positive change, become involved and start doing – because a nation of people who care deeply for one another and the environment in which they live is good for everyone. 

Women Across Borders

—Ensuring the wellbeing of Disadvantaged Women

Women Across Borders started in 2008 as a response to the xenophobic attacks targeted towards refugees and foreign nationals in South Africa in May of that year. 62 people lost their lives in those attacks, and many women and children were internally displaced. One of the main reasons refugees were affected by xenophobia was that refugees take jobs away from locals and put a constraint on resources in local communities. A misconception which unfortunately has become global. 

Business Women's Association of South Africa

— A Platform for the Inspiration & Empowerment of Women

Since 1980, the Businesswomen’s Association of South Africa has enjoyed a rich history of service to its diverse membership through networking, training, mentoring, knowledge-sharing and national recognition. Today the BWA is recognized as the leading and most prominent organisation for women in South Africa.


— Tomorrow's Technology...Today


The IT Team is based in Cowies Hill, where the business has been rooted for the last three years. Owned by Matt Salt and Sean De Klerk for the last decade, they are the experienced Duo that are committed to your business success for the next decade. Our Purpose To connect businesses to I.T. tools and services that make their lives easier and their organisations more productive. They are IT Specialists, offering a full range of IT Support & Services to Businesses and Individuals.