About us


Bontlebame was founded and launched on the 9th of August 2010, on South Africa’s Women’s Day especially because of the significance of the day, a date that saw the beginning of South African Women’s voices being heard and valued.

As an organisation we take inspiration from this part of our history and also commit to positively impact our generation and future generations, through our work in the different communities.

Bontlebame in Setswana means my ‘core beauty’, we therefore operate on the premise that we all possess innate unique beauty but most individuals do not know or acknowledge due to different life challenges with abuse, oppression, low self-esteem being some of the main reasons that prevent positive progress.

We define this beauty as talent, ambition and potential to become better than we are and contribute positively to society and the economy. Bontlebame strives to ignite this inner beauty and empower those we interact with to strive to actualise and realise their ambitions.



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What We Do

We Educate

GRADE 12 Intervention Programme

This Bontlebame Grade12 Intervention Programme is a game changer and will enable the pupils to kick start their careers beyond Grade12.

Grade 12 pupils in impoverished and under privileged environments remain in unfavourable and non- progressive state due to a few critical factors such as lack of access to information and exposure to existing opportunities beyond basic education level.

It is a known fact that Grade 12 pupils throughout South Africa need special support towards passing Grade12 and kick-starting their future as adults who are economically active.

The reality is that pupils who live in impoverished circumstances do not have half the support and resources to enable success and progress towards breaking the poverty cycle. These difficult circumstances place the pupils in a compromising position when compared to their peers who come from different and better economic situations.


We Build Network

Christian Women in Business Network SA

We are a tribe of empowered women empowering each other for business and career success. The Christian Women in Business Network offers like-minded entrepreneurs, professional career women and those in Corporate an opportunity to connect and engage for business growth and influence with Kingdom Principles.

We are kingdom-conscious business leaders and professionals who seek to identify and till fertile soil for learning, nurturing, growth and to support each other to thrive in our chosen businesses and careers.

Together, we recognise that Godly courage is an essential trade ingredient in the marketplace for meaningful success and impact.

We prioritise relationships and honour attitudes and practical actions that align honesty with authenticity. We intend to impact and influence personal, business and work spaces with God’s ways.

As we weave our golden-thread of greater goodness we uplift and influence others.
We transform spaces we occupy.

We Strengthen

Girls of Hope Programme

This is an intervention targeting underprivileged pre-teens and teens at risk. The young girls come from difficult and challenged backgrounds and families. The aim of this platform is to coach, mentor and assist with navigation through life’s demands and challenges. We aim to empower and somewhat prepare these young girls for the critical phase of puberty and adolescence, build self-esteem, encourage them to dream big and work hard towards achieving their dreams.

Impact Stories

Changing the role of Women

Women’s access to political power and decision-making positions has increased since 1994. Provincial structures have been established to address gender issues within the provinces. For example, in 2000, there were 8 female Ministers out of 27 and 8 out of 13 Deputy Ministers in the national government, 30% of the Members of Parliament and 24% of Members of Provincial Legislatures.

Two Durban Women Scoop the SA WOMEN Givers Award!

2017 Women’S month ended with a special celebration of women who give back to communities. The South Africa’s Women Givers Awards ceremony celebrates and honours South Africa’s women who are selflessly committed to giving back to communities, uplifting and supporting others for no reward at all.