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This Bontlebame Grade12 Intervention Programme is a game changer and will enable the pupils to kick start their careers beyond Grade12.

Grade 12 pupils in impoverished and under privileged environments remain in unfavourable and non- progressive state due to a few critical factors such as lack of access to information and exposure to existing opportunities beyond basic education level.

It is a known fact that Grade 12 pupils throughout South Africa need special support towards passing Grade12 and kick-starting their future as adults who are economically active.

The reality is that pupils who live in impoverished circumstances do not have half the support and resources to enable success and progress towards breaking the poverty cycle. These difficult circumstances place the pupils in a compromising position when compared to their peers who come from different and better economic situations.

Our research and observations have shown that though the pupils receive necessary information from the Life Orientation class and other career guidance intervention, they lack the-know-how and access to the tools necessary to apply and utilise the information for their benefit and positive progress towards starting their careers.

Bontlebame has therefore developed a structured Grade12 Intervention Programme to assist, empower, guide and ultimately enable an opportunity for them to gain necessary access to information and opportunities essential for them to become progressive and productive beyond Grade12.

The programme exposes the Grade12s to information, seeks to enable them to access and utilise the information and other related resources for more tangible life changing outcomes.

Execution by creating platforms:

  • For information sharing by information owners – directly from different institutions, corporate SA, professionals and other successful individuals and entrepreneurs.
  • To present different opportunities available beyond Grade12
  • For IT support and exposure
  • Motivate and inspire them to aspire to achieve more than Grade12 certificate.

Why this intervention programme:

  • This intervention programme is outcome oriented and takes a step further than a career guidance or career exhibition effort.
  • The intervention programme provides the African Impoverished Child a better chance for a different and progressive future.
  • pupils will not only be given information but will also be assisted and guided on the use of the information and related tools.
  • The programme creates a platform for Grade12 to engage with, be motivated and coached by individuals they can relate to.
  • To assist with information to direct and structure future Intervention Programmes.