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Women in various professions are always celebrated for their outstanding achievements, but who congratulates the unsung heroines in rural areas, townships, suburbs who silently go about doing extraordinary things under extremely difficult circumstances for the wellbeing of others? Bontlebame and Partners do so through the SA National Women Givers Awards.

The awards exist because Women are powerful foundations that birth, grow and nurture humans, humanity, communities and therefore society for no special recognition or reward, though they deserve it.

The SA Women Givers Awards are bestowed as recognition, celebration and symbol of gratitude to the South African Women and Women led businesses that make a difference by giving back for the wellbeing, development and progress of communities; therefore helping to uplift South Africans.

The South African National Givers Awards also honour South African Women led Non-Profit-organisations, businesses and other institutions led by women who are dedicated to upliftment of women as well as making a difference in communities.

The 2019 SA Women Givers Awards are special in that they will in addition to the original awards also celebrate women who support organisations that are dedicated to building, uplifting, developing communities.