Bikers Ride against the Abuse of Women (BRWAA) - 2014

The BRAAW initiative was launched in 2014 as an annual meaningful commemoration of South Africa's Women's Day in line with our focus on creating awareness, driving messages against abuse and supporting and empowering victims of abuse.

The initiative hosted in partnership with Batsumi MC brings together Bikers from all walks of life, from all over South Africa on 09 August to replicate the 1956 Women's march against the PASS, only this time we have women and men of all ages and races riding (and driving)against the abuse of Women – making the message against abuse to be loud and clear, reach far and near so that we begin to see the change we all want to see. BECAUSE WE CANNOT CELEBRATE WHEN MORE AND MORE WOMEN ARE SUPPRESSED, BRUTALISED AND VIOLATED.

The 2014 BRAAW ride started in Soweto and was joined by other bikers along the route to Winterveldt to spend time and share inspiration and gifts with the Women and Children of Winterveldt and Soshanguve. The event is also a vehicle for the Beaded Ribbon against Abuse campaign. Bikers donate R30.00 a Beaded Ribbon.