The project aims to speak and spread the message against abuse of the vulnerable; in all spaces, all environments at all times. The Beaded White Ribbon is the voice of the victims and also increase awareness of our stance against abuse. It is dedicated to remind society of the cries, screams, rage and deaths resulting from violence and abuse against the vulnerable - these are the cries and screams some of us might not hear or see at certain times in certain spaces but they are there – it speaks against abuse when we are busy with other life's demands.

Through the Beaded White Ribbon the message against abuse will reach the work place, the boardrooms, churches, buses, trains and most importantly our homes - open dialogue where it is needed the most. The perpetrator too will become conscious of the war against abuse and in this way behavior will start to be influenced. The project is also a platform to create an income for rural unemployed women who are able to earn a living through making the Beaded White Ribbons.

The beaded White Ribbon initiative has reached far and near – including Germany in partnership with Women Across Boarders. Our Products now include: Beaded White Ribbon, Bracelets and Necklaces, custom made for supporters needs.