Bontlebame was founded and launched on the 9th of August 2010, on South Africa's Women's Day especially because of the significance of the day, a date that saw the beginning of South African Women's voices being heard and valued.

As an organisation we take inspiration from this part of our history and also commit to positively impact our generation and future generations, through our work in the different communities.

Bontlebame in Setswana means my 'core beauty', we therefore operate on the premise that we all possess innate unique beauty but most individuals do not know or acknowledge due to different life challenges with abuse, oppression, low self-esteem being some of the main reasons that prevent positive progress.

We define this beauty as talent, ambition and potential to become better than we are and contribute positively to society and the economy. Bontlebame strives to ignite this inner beauty and empower those we interact with to strive to actualise and realise their ambitions.


To continuously create and execute sustainable initiatives and interventions in partnership and collaboration with caring brands, organisation,communities and individuals to empower, inspire and encourage individuals and communities for the benefit and improvement of life for both the advantaged and the disadvantaged.

Bontlebame strives to take action today for a better tomorrow.

A sustainable trusted Non-Profit Organisation that cares, supports and improves life for the disadvantaged.

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